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▪️Are you D.Ed. or B.Ed. ?

▪️Do you think that you can be a good teacher?

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Teachers Training & Recruitment Program

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our educational mission for upliftment of student in rural area of Jawhar

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✔️Xseed Super Teacher

✔️ Learn Internationaly accepted 5 step teaching method

✔️ Early childhood educator online video training

✔️English speaking for teachers

✔️Graphics Designing for teachers

✔️Advanced excel for teachers

✔️Cloud computing for school

✔️Remote Troubleshooting


Any Graduate or D.Ed./B.Ed. Male/Female candidate having good English Speaking and writing skill with following ability may apply for the post.

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Get Salary as per industry standards after selection

Job Description

▪️Ability to mix and interact with the children for making them learn quickly by rhyming games, acting games, story telling, music

▪️Ability to handle the behavior of children to create an effective teaching method for the children

▪️Ability to handle child centric curriculum Able to incorporate fun games and interactive activities into lessons

▪️Planning and organizational skills

▪️Problem solving attitude

▪️Ability to work with children of different aptitudes and skills

▪️Ability to work independently and in team

▪️Ability to handle and communicate with parents

▪️Ability to organize and handle events and festival


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